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KALISE is a brand of national and international projection. A very traditional brand with a wide range of premium products: milk, yogurt, desserts and ice cream. For this brand we have developed several works for different products.


Kalise - Yogur desnatado


The assignment was to design and develop a new line of skimmed products in different presentations: flavours, fruit bits, creamy. A characteristic colour for the whole family was chosen, recognizable by consumers as an own code, reinforced by differentiating graphic elements, like the symbol "0%", which in the image is used as a window to contain the fruits associated with each flavour.


Kalise - Yogur natural


The packaging for this plain yogurt, with a clean and simple design, responds to the idea of strengthening its naturalness and freshness. These attributes correspond to a product without additives, colourings or flavourings. 


Kalise - Yogur bífidus


The design for the fermented milk with bifidus product range is created from the evolution of an existing design, which it is intended to update and improve. The design includes new typography, and the incorporation of a color code related to other categories without harming the image the customer already has.


Kalise - Yogur sabor


The range of yogurts from the "flavour" category is resolved with a clean, clear and direct image. No adornment or aesthetic concessions. A white background in which brand name and image of the fruit are orderly located. A combination that seeks differentiation from the competition.


Kalise - Yogur leche sin lactosas


This product, recently added to the catalogue in the strategy of expanding the range of the brand, offers a clear picture of the product which it refers to: a milk stream circled by the color which is assigned to the entire line of skimmed milk products. Also it has a close graphical relationship with the rest of the milk containers in brick form at.


Kalise - frutas + leche


FRUTAS+LECHE is a new product, unprecedented in the brand, so they had to design it from scratch. A distinct and personal image, posing on the foreground and the naming in an environment where the image of milk and fruits occupy a large space. Background colours create a distinctive code for each flavour of the range.