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TIRMA is a food products manufacturer with great tradition and market deployment. A premium brand characterized by its wide range of products and great distribution, which allows them to reach many consumer segments. Their products range from candies and biscuits, to coffees or chocolates, among others.


Tirma - chocolates


The chocolates line design has some graphic elements, which are characteristic of the brand, basis of its identity and can be found in the different families of the range. The design is customized in each case, through a color code and images of the product or its main ingredients. All this contributes to the development of the brand strategy, consistent with its positioning.


Tirma - ambrosías


AMBROSÍAS TIRMA is a flagship product of the brand and a long-lasting product on the market. This product has already been consumed by various generations so its updating was a special challenge. We had to adapt to new preferences and new market requirements, but without impairing the recognition from traditional consumers. The wide range of flavours and formats required elements and visual arguments able to resolve the needs of this variety of formats, presentations and the diversity of packaging materials on which they are to be applied. 


Tirma - caramelos


TIRMA’s candies (CARAMELOS TIRMA), with a long presence on the market, required an update of the packaging design. The intervention affected both graphics and formats, presentations and materials. In addition, solutions for packaging and wrapping, as distribution displays and support for point of sale advertising, were presented. In all cases the perception is enhanced with new, more modern and clearer style that has also facilitated the presence in new markets.


Tirma - galletas


The range of TIRMA biscuits had to assume the challenge of adapting to new needs of distribution and much more demanding and mobile consumers, as well as favouring its consumption outside the exclusively domestic sphere. New formats with new cases, with an updated graphic but in connection with the traditional image known by the traditional consumer. The new graphic design is characterized by a strong presence of the sub-brand of each reference plus a product image that provides rapid information about its composition, presentation and appearance. The new color code is consistent with other similar branded product families.


Tirma - cacao


BOXCAO is a cocoa powder used to prepare the Spanish style “chocolate a la taza”. It is a new design to replace the previous one on the market. The idea was to design a modern and powerful logo. A photographic image also suggests the appropriate use of this product as opposed to other similar products to mix with milk.


Tirma - café


This line of coffee capsules has as reference TIRMA’s line of ground coffee for traditional domestic use. It is adapted to the new format but still shares the same color code.



Tirma - confituras


These products with great tradition on the market have undergone a major transformation both in their image, which has been modernized, as in the container case itself, which has been adapted to current standards.