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What we do


EXTRADESIGN specializes in three areas of design, focused on creating value for brands and products on the market: Naming, branding and packaging.


Since the beginning of the project, creating a NAME according to the desired positioning, the target groups and the particular universe of each product.

An inspiring and memorable name which helps building a brand quickly and efficiently.


Creating BRANDS with personality and unique identity traits, which also represent the predefined values and attributes for a proper optimization and profitability of the marketing actions.


And finally, designing PACKAGING that meets the technical and functional criteria required, protecting the product, making it stand out at the point of sale, convincing consumers and fixing the product in consumers´ minds.


Creating corporate LOGOS with personality and exclusive identifying features which represent the pre-defined values and attributes for optimizing marketing actions.



NAMING. Building a brand from the beginning:

  • Creating names for companies, products and corporate projects.
  • Verbal Branding.
  • Consulting.


BRANDING. Beyond the logo there is a world of corporate messages that make up a complete and efficient corporate image and identity.

  • Brand creation and development for companies, products and institutions.
  • Brand architecture.
  • Corporate identity Design.
  • Brand positioning.


PACKAGING. The point of Sale -POS- is a territory to be conquered. The packaging of a product informs, protects, identifies and especially seduces.

  • Packaging/container design.
  • Branding and product design.
  • Industrial design and management of container production.
  • Extension of product range.
  • Creation and development of own-brands.
  • POS design.